05/27/10 - 02:32PM
Meet Evernutt!

The player Evernutt is the first Supremacy 1914 player ever to reach the rank of “Field Marshall”. We took this extraordinary achievement as an opportunity to ask him a few questions so that everyone can get a glimpse at what makes this mastermind of the game tick. So if you want to find out how he came to play Supremacy 1914 in the first place and what strategies earned him the number one spot in the game, continue reading after the jump.  
S1914: How did you find out about Supremacy 1914?
Evernutt: A friend from work (VolWiley) introduced me to it. He stills plays also.
S1914: Did you play any other browser games before? What is it you find fascinating about Supremacy 1914 in general?
Evernutt: What I like most about Sup1914 is that you can play it at any level and still have fun. You can log in once a day, move some troops around and still enjoy the game. However, you do best if you can log in several times a day. As [fellow player] Cold says “Sleep is the Enemy”.
S1914: How would you describe your style of play in S1914? Do you try to adapt to the enemy or do you prefer to be the aggressor? Try to explain your tactics a little!
Evernutt: I prefer to start slow and let other players make the first move, then try to capitalize on their mistakes. Once on the attack I try to be as aggressive as possible.
S1914: Is there a favorite starting country you have? Do you prefer the 10- or the 30 player map?
Evernutt: 10 player map: Morocco. 31 player map: anywhere in Africa. Give me the oil! I really like the 31 player map, but it can be very chaotic and difficult to win.
S1914: Do you tend to play with the same allies? Or do you try it solely on your own sometimes?
Evernutt: I have a small group of players who I trust completely, I will ally with them if in the same game. I try to ally with 1 or 2 players, no more, and always remain watchful of their movements.
S1914: Is there anything you would recommend to a new player of S1914? Some advice you need to make it to the Top 100?
Evernutt: Since the score is cumulative it would be hard to get into the Top 100, unless you play many games. Advice to a new player: Trust no one! Build a solid economy and prey on the weak. Most important...keep your morale high.
S1914: Would you consider yourself a “gamer”? Tell us about possible other games you like.
Evernutt: I am a long time gamer, starting with “Might and Magic”, and “Ultima”. I also like MMORG's like “Everquest” and “WOW”.
S1914: Any final words to our community, maybe a word of greeting?
Evernutt: I have met many great people playing this game and have enjoyed myself immensely!!
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