Running Like Clockwork (08/01/17 - 05:22PM)

Generals! With all European nations mobilizing their armies to face the looming conflict in the East, timing your own war preparations is of utmost importance. With this week’s update we help you make your war machinery run like clockwork: the production and construction menus now ...

Thrust towards the East (07/18/17 - 03:59PM)

Generals! Our spies have alerted us that European leaders are massing their troops for an eastbound offensive of unknown purpose. Rumors have it that German and British interests lie in the rich lands of Mesopotamia where they have started ...

Minimum rank - maximum fun! (07/04/17 - 03:35PM)

Dear Generals, 2 months ago the minimum rank was implemented for the 500 player world map. This change proved to be a success: The number of prohibited multi-accounts decreased and the satisfaction of the players increased. Because of this we are pleased to ...