EVENT! Spot the differences and get the chance to win 5 x 5,000 Goldmark! (09/29/16 - 05:45PM)

Dear Generals, how many DIFFERENCES can you spot? Write your guess as a NUMBER in the comments and get the chance to WIN 5 x 5,000 GM! The winners will be announced next Thursday, 6th of November.

The fight against the bugs: Save the Artilleries! (09/27/16 - 12:40PM)

Dear Generals, once again, we stand victorious against the bugs. We found out a major reason why units passed through your defenses without battle to attack your valuable backline. We implemented measures to prevent this from happening again, so your artilleries are ...

The war against the bugs: Detected and eliminated (09/20/16 - 02:22PM)

Dear Generals, Our scouts further advanced into the lands of bugs and they have found another wave of issues that survived the last battle. They have been successfully eliminated. Here is the full list of the changes this week: - Fixed some bugs ...


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