Supremacy 1914 Update – Only for a short time – USA vs. Mexico – 1vs.1 map (12/18/14 - 02:01PM)

The year is going to end soon and as a small present to celebrate 2014 we decided to give you a little present for the last days of the year. From today on all players can play the new 1 vs.1 map! You always wanted to invade the USA as Mexico? Now your chance has come to show your skills in battle and conquer your enemy!

Supremacy 1914 Update – New medals & badges incoming! (12/16/14 - 05:00PM)

With the new update for Supremacy 1914 you will get the chance to unlock a lot of cool new medals & Badges. The new medals will be awarded for the 2vs.2 map and for your achievements with armoured cars and heavy tanks you can unlock some new badges. Additionally we worked a lot to get rid of bugs and improved several balancing ...

Supremacy 1914 Update – Rebalancing of tanks and the Kaiser Wilhelm Channel (12/03/14 - 11:42AM)

Note that you have to reload the game to enable these changes! Changes related to maps are only valid on newly opened ones. In the last months we closely had a look onto the balancing of several units within the game. After reviewing we now decided to bring in a major change to the units. Both the normal and ...

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