Moving Forward (06/20/17 - 04:54PM)

Dear generals, together we have weathered the storm of our cloud server migration and can now move forward to restore peace in our lands and revive the spirit of our troops. To achieve this we have been busy improving our server performance further and fixing bugs ...

Upcoming Maintenance - 31st of May (05/30/17 - 03:32PM)

Dear generals, some weeks ago we informed you about our server move. Tomorrow, on Wednesday, May 31st, another large number of servers will be moved, which requires a downtime of unspecified duration. Please prepare yourselves for the games not being available during that time.

True Soldiers - Our mission for more activity on maps (05/23/17 - 06:04PM)

Dear Generals, to unite the Supremacy 1914 community, we started our mission for more activity on maps a while ago, which reaches its next milestone with this update. We will make all 40+ player maps ‘Join Only’. This means: Certain maps will be generated by the ...


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