Diplomatic Shock (01/21/17 - 04:12PM)

Dear Generals, during the past night the diplomatic relations in many games were completely reset to peace. In addition, they couldn't be changed to something else. Out emergency team has been working intensely on a solution and has come so far that setting relations is possible again and mandatory relations for teams/coalitions ...

War Preparations: Bug Fix Update (01/19/17 - 01:04PM)

Dear Generals, a new year also means new exciting Supremacy 1914 matches. Just in time comes a new bug fix update that solves issues with the diplomacy panel, the delay command, several maps and more. Here is the full list of this week’s changes:

Welcome 2017 - Happy New Year & Thank You! (01/03/17 - 05:19PM)

Dear Generals, 2016 has been an exciting year for Supremacy 1914. We fought a tough fight against all those bugs, which lasted for weeks, but we emerged even stronger and victorious. Additionally, Coalitions and the majestic Cavalry were added to the world of Supremacy ...


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