Second round of HTML5 client improvements (08/12/14 - 03:05PM)

We are continuing our work to implement the most requested features and improvements for the Supremacy HTML client. This week we focused on the map usability and the diplomacy panel. Here is the complete list of changes: Map and army commands Army ...

Announcement: Be part of the medieval world of „Thirty Kingdoms“ (08/01/14 - 10:44AM)

We are stoked to make a special announcement today: The closed-beta-phase of Bytro Labs’ newest browsergame is over and the open beta version of “Thirty Kingdoms” is now available for everyone! Take part in the intrigue in the fantastic world of “Thirty Kingdoms” and add authority to your claimant of the throne. Born ...

First round of optimizations of the HTML5-client released (07/24/14 - 05:42PM)

The zooming of the map is faster, lines and colors are matching the ones from the Java-client closer, the dragging of the map was optimized and you can now see the arrival time of units live while dragging them.

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