HTML5 - 5th Round – New upcoming Maps and a lot of fixes (10/16/14 - 10:32AM)

The last update for Supremacy 1914 contained a lot of smaller fixes to the game. We moved the alliances to an own submenu on the website, released many improvements to the performance of the HTML5 client. As a small sneak peek we also announce that we will release some new smaller maps shortly. So stay tuned!

HTML5 - 5th Round – Map dragging 2.0 (09/30/14 - 02:44PM)

The past weeks we worked a lot on the map drag performance in order to get the game faster and to so grant you a better gaming experience. In order to do so we improved a lot of technical issues e.g. we now buffer the fog of war. All these bigger and smaller changes result in a 60 % improvement boost in comparison to the former ...

HTML5 – Bugfixes and smaller improvements (09/09/14 - 02:30PM)

As the overall performance of the HTML5 client and a stable gameplay are still our focus goals at the moment we concentrated on a long list of smaller improvements the last week. Note that you have to reload the game to enable these changes. Here are the most important changes in ...

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